Kenneith’s musical roots consist of R&B, dance, gospel, and new wave music. Live entertaining is a cornerstone of Perrin’s music career. While respectively residing on both the west and east coasts, the unique inspirational pop/R&B stylings of his songs appeal to a variety of music lovers., ”

Pop Culture Music Madness

The first thing that will catch you attention is Perrin’s soothing and melodic “Deep Dreams,” which opens the EP. His voice is unique and distinct and I like it. I cannot think of anyone that Kenneith reminds of. 'Everything' is a jamming song and it has a great beat that had me listening to it over and over again.” - Brian McKinnon

— Musik Reviews

“Bring it (Radio Edit)” is a high-energy EDM/dance track that really begs to be played loud! While the catchy lyrics deliver a message of “bringing it to the table,” it’s really the production on this track that gets the listener moving. This is exactly the type of positive energy we could all use right now during these crazy times! Go ahead anpress that repeat button again. We certainly did!”

College Radio Charts

You have given a tremendous performance, Kenneith! You are truly one of a kind. It would be great to have you perform on Sessions Live!” - Laine with Sessions Live

— Sessions Live

Kenneith caught my attention with his new EP ‘Life Adventure’ and it’s uplifting, soulful, and refreshing. In this crazy world Kenneith offers a break from the insanity of war and poverty thru music.” - Stoli

Scope Magazine

The Singer who Sings Songs For the Soul

So who exactly is this guy who sings songs for the soul? It's non other than Kenneith Perrin. The singer/songwriter who loves to inspire; entertain; and energize his audiences? This smooth velvet voiced singer/songwriter/entertainer first hit radio airwaves with his debut CD, "It Took So Long".  Kenneith is best known for his inspirational pop/soul styles and delivering passionate and high energy live shows. With his latest single, “Free”, Kenneith's notable eclectic blend of gospel, pop, soul and dance weaves and warms it's way into the hearts of fans and new listeners alike.


Throughout the course of his musical career, Kenneith Perrin has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new singles, Kenneith Perrin has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2000 as he is the 1st IMMGA- Inspirational Music Multi-Genre Artist: Singing and songwriting multi-genres with a pop-soul-dance focus. 


This dynamic entertainer, from Augusta, Georgia, grew up singing in churches, local music groups, and musical theater productions throughout his school and college years. Kenneith’s musical influences steep heavily into new wave, r&b, gospel, and traditional pop ballads.


“Growing up, I loved watching reruns of Soul Train, American Bandstand and Solid Gold. Those shows introduced me to great songs by great artists.”


After successfully earning a law degree, Kenneith switched career gears and decided to dedicate his life to his passions: singing, songwriting, and entertaining.


“I’m blessed to be where I am today. While I value all of my life experiences, I feel that music is the best creative expression that I can offer the world.  Jesus calls us to use our gifts. My desire is to use music as a vehicle for changing lives for the better.”


Since he’s answered the entertainment call, Kenneith has been fortunate to perform all over the world, including Czech Republic; Cayman Islands; Germany; and United States. Stateside, venues have included: Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, California; Vinyl Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia; and the Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee.


In addition to his highly anticipated third studio album, Blind Oblivion, Kenneith is thrilled to kick off the Blind Oblivion 2022 Tour. It will be the first time he will share his music with the nation on a consistently on-going basis. Venues will include a variety of events and venues including, but not limited to: corporate events; wedding receptions; birthday parties; churches; civic clubs; colleges & universities; theaters; festivals and concert halls.


While recording music projects has it's highlights, live entertaining is a cornerstone of Kenneith's music career. 


"Whether it's performing with my full band; trio; or to a backing track, I always enjoy connecting with the audience on many levels. It's truly a genuine way of affirming why I do what I love to do."



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