Dat Good 4 Da Money Spreads The Wealth of Good Fortune

By: AB Newswire

Los Angeles, CA - Today, Pnuematica Productions, a music production and entertainment company, announced the release of a new single entitiled "Dat Good 4 Da Money" by artist Kenneith Perrin. Catapulting to #15 on the Digital DJ Pool's Top 50 Charts, Dat Good 4 Da Money is cashing in on the greatness of a fresh groove. Riding on the heels of his fourth album release, Blind Oblivion, Augusta, Georgia native singer/songwriter Kenneith Perrin is back! Known for his eclectic musical sound, he does it again with a pop-dance track that is guaranteed to simultaneously get your hips moving and put you in a good mood. Also known for his inspirational messages, Kenneith's latest single is an innovative commentary on money that makes it even more cerebrally gratifying while being culturally relevant. 

Perrin, now Los Angeles based, is known as the singer who sings for the soul. Here, his track captures the essence of the soul with its driving funky beat, synthesizing riffs and lush lyrics. This pop gem is set apart among today's music because the arrangement whirls in and out with ease and poignancy.

Produced by top Miami based Pop Music producer and artist, Guy (Gual) Gualtieri, the track delivers  classic pop sensibilities with a fresh message wrapped in a memorable melodic hook. Brandon Davis (Enrique Iglesias, Smash Mouth) on drums and Eric McCann (Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt) on bass raise the groove level with their infectious musical contributions.

Kenneith makes juicy vocal choices using his airy, crisp, but solid bravados. The lead vocal creatively lands in the bedrock bank of soulful harmonic background vocals. All vocals delightfully compliment the instrumental components.

DJ's and music lovers alike are boldly sharing the track with it's inescapable hook. With the second leg of Kenneith's Blind Oblivion Tour kicking off July 10th, Dat Good 4 Da Money is guaranteed to inspire all listeners to spread the wealth of good fortune.

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